City Life Vs Beach Life-Why Live at the Beach?


City Life Vs the Beach Life-Why Live at the Beach?

Choosing between the City Life and the Beach Life can be a very hard decision to make. While living in a big vibrant city brimming with ambitious people with always having something to do or somewhere to go is very exciting and fascinating. The fast life can be overwhelming at times even with all its perks and opportunities. Especially when you are older you start craving for peace of mind more than anything else. So if you need to escape all the big city hustle and noise, here are some reasons why you should live at the beach.

• Relaxes the mind and soul

Anyone who has been to the beach can give a testimonial to the mysterious draw of the ocean. There is just something about it that relaxes the mind and soul. You feel a sense of being and a connection to Mother Nature that brings tranquility. The beautiful ocean breeze has a soothing effect and helps one relax. The beach, especially at dusk is amazing for meditation and finding that peace within our souls. It is great for improving ones mental and emotional health.

• Health Benefits

The ocean has an amazing effect, not just on the mental and emotional health of a person. It has great health benefits physically as well. The salty air is good for the lungs and improves organ health. People who suffer from asthma or other lung diseases have reported to have lesser attacks while living at the beach.
The ocean salt is naturally an anti-bacterial and helps heal wounds, cuts or scrapes faster.
You also get tons of Vitamin D living at the beach, which is essential to maintaining bone health and fighting depression. Taking a walk at the beach or just lying on a mat and soaking up that Vitamin D helps patients with arthritis or muscle pain to recover drastically.

• The Weather

With the amazing ocean breeze flowing, the weather in the summer at the beach is typically better than the weather in a city. The nights are so much cooler and require less use of an air conditioner. Opening a window at night can be the perfect option.

• Fresh and Local Seafood

Living at the beach comes access to fresh local seafood at all times. Nothing tastes better than freshly caught lobsters and fish. Also, as the seafood will be local it will be much cheaper and taste better than what you would have eaten at a seafood restaurant in the city occasionally. After you have had a taste of the fresh seafood you will wonder what you have been eating all your life.

• Get spoiled by the beautiful scenery

There is nothing quite like the sky at the beach. Especially at night you get to see the gorgeous starry sky that is barely visible due to the bright lights in the big city. During the daytime you get to experience the beautiful bright blue of the sky with the contrasting deep blue and green of the ocean. LBI has some of the most beautiful sunsets, visible from almost any spot on the bay. The scenery is undeniably breath taking.

So what do you think? Are you ready to become an island being? Let us know in the comments below.


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