7 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Move a Breeze

7 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Move a Breeze 06/19/2024

7 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Move a Breeze


Make a List

First and foremost, making a list before you get started can be the simplest way to ensure everything gets done in a timely manner. The list can be used as a record keeping system where you write down what you have packed away with a designated number on the box and list once it is packed away. Therefore, when the moving company delivers your boxes you can break out your handy list and easily check off boxes number by number. Lists also can be helpful to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done, such as, changing your address, travel plans, cleaning, etc. Write everything down! You will thank us later!


Load up on boxes, tape and wrapping material.

You will need a lot of boxes and most likely more boxes than you initially anticipated. So, stock up because having enough boxes will make your life easier and packing move along much quicker. No one wants to have to stop what they are doing mid-pack when they’re on a roll just to head out to the store for more boxes, right? Most of the time if you buy your boxes from your moving company you can return unused boxes for a refund! If you don’t feel like spending a fortune on boxes, head on over to your local grocery or department store and ask for any boxes they may have. (They’re FREE) Also, head around town and pick up local free newspapers for wrapping material instead of spending money on the costly wrapping paper moving companies sell. Don’t forget the tape! It is also a good idea to keep many rolls of tape handy and once again, whatever is unused you can always return.


Don’t leave everything for the last minute

Start your packing early! As soon as you know you are moving, start organizing and planning ahead while packing little by little. Start with the items that are just for show and not used on a daily basis. For example, holiday items, photo albums, art decorations and off-season clothing. Week by week tackle a new area of the house, packing sections off at a time. Breaking up your packing schedule like this will make packing a breeze and take a load off on moving day!


Keep your important documents with you

It is always a good idea to keep your important paperwork with you at all times when moving. If you pack these documents away you are risking the chance of them being lost. Some of these items may include: birth certificates, marriage license, school records, closing papers, etc.


Slow Down on Grocery Shopping

Start using the food in your pantry and fridge that you are not taking with you, such as frozen and perishable items. If you have to go to the grocery store, only buy food that will be eaten before the move. It is always such a shame to throw food away!


Pack an Overnight Bag to use on the first night

After a long day or days of moving, no one wants to have to dig down deep and find the box with your essentials. Packing an overnight bag with your pajamas, toiletries and a couple different outfits will be much less stressful. If you need more room than just a small bag, you can always pack your essentials in a clear plastic bin so you know exactly which box it is and you can see right through it!

Hire a babysitter or pet sitter

If your children are not old enough to help with the move it can be stressful to have to worry about two things at once. Having small children or babies around packing materials and heavy boxes can also be dangerous. Send them to grandmas to get spoiled for the day or call your local sitter. It is also a good idea to get your pets out of the house for the day as they can get in the way of the movers or if they are runners, sneak out of the front door as it will be opening and closing all day long.

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