Small Home? No Problem- Design Tips to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger

small home

Small Home? No Problem- Design Tips to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger

Sometimes when you’re looking for a house at the beach you may want something small with minimal space to clean so you can enjoy your vacation. Just because the square footage may not be the largest, doesn’t mean your home has to feel crammed and closed off! Take a look at some of our tips to make any small space appear larger.


Ever been in a fun house? Mirrors add the illusion that a space is much larger than it actually is. While in no way, shape or form do we recommend decorating your house as a fun house, we do recommend adding mirrors in all different shapes and sizes. There are plenty of different designs you can create with mirrors to make your home feel larger and look fantastic!

Use Minimal Window Treatments

Having little or no window treatments will allow plenty of natural light to enter your home. If you have curtains, be sure they are a light, neutral color that will not block out the sun completely. Sheer curtains are a great option to allow natural light in while still creating a beautiful décor.

Choose Light and Airy Paint Colors

Painting the walls of your home with light, neutral tones will make your home feel much larger and more open. Stay away from dark colors, which make the space feel crammed and smaller. Try out some colorful accent pillows or furniture pieces to add that pop of color to a room!


Make sure your home has plenty of places to put the clutter. The simpler the home, the larger it will feel. If your home is just that small and doesn’t have tons of space for storage, try adding furniture with built in storage. Pieces such as bed with under storage and bookcases with closed shelving make great storage centers. Don’t forget about under the stairs too!

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