Hi… my name is … Beach House

One of the fun things about buying a Long Beach Island vacation rental home (besides getting to use it occasionally) is giving it a name. Everything else is branded these days – why not your LBI vacation home?

Naming a home comes from British custom which started with the gentry naming their castles, manors and halls. The custom spread to the masses and the names were based on location or who the house was tied to or owned by. Nowadays, home names are often an extension of the homeowners themselves.

Why should you name your Long Beach Island rental? Having a name for your LBI rental gives it an identity and makes it stand out among the hundreds of rentals in our area. This is especially important in an area like ours that have high rental listing density. Run a search through HomeAway or AirBnB in Ship Bottom, Beach Haven, Surf City, or any of the other towns on Long Beach Island and see how the rentals all run together after awhile. A unique beach home name will give your property a better chance to stand out among all the others. Think about it, when renting a beach house, would you rather stay in “Just Beachy” or 1003 North Central Avenue?

Hi... my name is ... Beach House 05/23/2024Over the years, your LBI rental guests will know and come to love your brand, too! You will get repeat guests who always request to book your beach house by its name. They won’t remember the listing number but they will remember the name. It represents a getaway to them with many wonderful memories.

After coming up with the name for your Long Beach Island rental, you should have a sign made for the entrance to greet your guests. The sign is the first thing they will see when they walk through the door and lets them know that their vacation has started! Here are a few local businesses to start your sign search or having one made…

Song of the Sea (830 North Bay Avenue, Beach Haven)

How To Live (8 Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City / 7 South Bay Avenue, Beach Haven)

Best Gift Idea Ever (325 9th Street, #12, Beach Haven)

The Good Life Boutique (2200 Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City)

Typestries New Jersey (594 East Bay Avenue, Manahawkin)

Or custom ones are easily ordered on Etsy!

Other great ways to share your Long Beach Island rental home’s name includes –

  •  Put it in the header of your online listing so people can easily search for you.
  •  Create a check in with your name on Facebook
  •  Use it with a hashtag for Social Media posts
  •  Use the name as your WiFi password so it is easy for guests to remember
  •  Monogram pool or beach towels for guest use
  •  Have a logo designed to use on your website
  •  Create a signature for emails
  •  Have a sign personalized with your home name to greet guests

Stumped on a name? Here are some ideas 💡 for your LBI home:

Hi... my name is ... Beach House 05/23/2024

For assistance in purchasing and naming your beach house rental 🏖 🏝 🏡 on and around Long Beach Island, or any questions, please contact us at team@noplacelikelbi.com.

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